Dear friends!

After 25 years of working in the medium of film, it gives me
genuine pleasure to announce the publication of a book about
the work I undertook from 1980 through 2005:

Alexander Horwath, Michael Loebenstein (Hg.),
Peter Tscherkassky
Wien 2005, FilmmuseumSynemaPublikationen
ISBN 3-901644-16-4
250 Seiten, zweisprachig (dt./engl.),

iThe text includes more than 120 frame enlargements, production
stills and documents; 80 additional picture pages; a filmography with commentary on all 30 films; a current bibliography and biography.

"It is a challenge to do justice in printed form to Peter Tscherkassky’s
disquietingly beautiful manipulation of moving images, but this publication succeeds in the venture: with analytical texts that map out primary artistic concerns as well as treating specific works, the filmmaker’s witty commentary in review of his carreer, and a breathtaking visual design."
Stefan Grissemann

Alexander Horwath
'Singing in the Rain. Supercinematography by Peter Tscherkassky'
Drehli Robnik
Interventions in Saint Hill. On the Messianic Materialism
of Peter Tscherkassky's 'Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine'

Peter Tscherkassky
'Epilogue, Prologue. Autobiographical Notes Along the Lines of a Filmography'
Biography, Bibliography, Filmography

In Europe the book costs Euro 18,-- (plus postage)
and can be ordered at::

Amerika, Kanada, Overseas:
$ 26.00 USD + $ 3.85 for shipping within the US;
$ 7 for shipping to Canada.
Via Priority Mail and Global Priority Mail, about three days
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bei re:voir, Paris:

Still available:
The DVD Films from a Dark Room
it contains the films:

L'Arrivée (1997/1998, 2:09 min)
Outer Space (1999, 9:58 min)
Dream Work (2001, 11 min)
Manufracture (1985, 2:54 min)
Motion Picture (1984, 3:23 min)
Get Ready (1999, 1:04)
Miniatures (1983, 15:45 min)

The DVD (PAL/no regional code) is accompanied by a
bilingual brochure (English/German, 20 pages).

It may be ordered at the home-page
of the avant-garde label INDEX:

The price of the DVD is Euro 30,--
outside EU (inside EU: plus 20% taxes),
plus postage.

Also on sale:
The VHS CinemaScope Trilogy:

L'Arrivée (1997/1998, 2:09 min)
Outer Space (1999, 9:58 min)
Dream Work (2001, 11 min)
Miniaturen (1983, 15:45 min) as bonustrack.

The accompanying booklet
(French/English, 44 pages, edited by Nicole Brenez)
contains the following texts:

Nicole Brenez
The Blessed Artist –
Interview with PT/L'Artiste béni – entretien avec PT

Doris Peternel
Peter Tscherkassky, a Modern Love /
Peter Tscherkassky, un amour moderne

Matthew Tomkinson
Dream Work – Soft Focus and the Genetic Esthetic /
Dream Work – le flou et l'esthétique de la genèse

Gilles Lyon-Caen
The Entity, CinemaScope Trilogy – a Story of Intra-Muros Sound /
The Entity, La Trilogie – une histoire des sons intra-muros.

The tape (VHS PAL) can be ordered
at a price of Euro 25,-- at re:voir in Paris:


The Book "Peter Tscherkassky" was supported by
Bundeskanzleramt/Sektion Kunst,
Kulturamt des Landes Niederösterreich,
and Kulturamt der Stadt Wien.

With my very best wishes to you all!
Peter Tscherkassky